Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 31 – ‘Inspire Your Heart With Art Day’

Today’s ‘Inspire Your Heart With Art Day’ offers the perfect excuse to share information about Feng Shui and art. This modality says that having abstract art in your immediate environment can be distracting at best and depressing at worst. Rather, this tradition says to hang art that symbolizes unlimited possibilities, like fields of flowers, horizons, sunsets, things soaring in the air (birds, balloons, rocket ships), or whatever else that makes you feel like anything is possible.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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Today’s Featured Picture (close your eyes, kiddies!)

Today’s featured picture

Kenyon Cox nude study This study drawing by Kenyon Cox shows the allegorical figure of Romance nude, bending her head to read a book on her lap. Romance is one figure in a painting, The Arts, in the north-end lunette of the Southwest Gallery in the Library of Congress’ Jefferson Building. Cox was an advocate of figurative art—art that is clearly sourced from real objects—and is therefore by definition representational rather than abstract art.

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