Daily Feng Shui For December 26th – ‘Boxing Day’

In my world there’s no place like Om for the holidays. And today’s ‘Boxing Day’ is a perfect time to put some pennies in a ‘poor box’ while also boxing up some cool stuff for someone less fortunate. Once done with attracting all that cool karma, why not take a conscious minute to give yourself a break and a boost? After all, charity does begin at home. Let’s blow up that intention by using the power of your breath. Lie down and keep one hand over your heart and one over your abdomen. The hand that’s over the belly should have the thumb over the belly button and the other four fingers resting slightly below it. The fingers of both hands should be spread open but should also be loose and flexible. Take in a big breath of air through your nose and pull it into your belly so your abdominal area puffs up like a balloon. Slowly exhale out through the nose, and visualize your breath as a silver ball of light circling your body, traveling down from your belly, around your feet and then back up your spine, over the top of your head and then out through your nose again. Practice this breath three times in succession if you want to go for yogic breath gold. Once you’ve completed round three you’ve also successfully oxygenated your entire bloodstream while bringing a big boost of life force energy to your internal organs. Do this exercise when you need a little pick me up and you’ll definitely be healthy, happy and OM for the holidays!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com