Goddesses – Green Tara

Goddess Green Tara – The Mother of Compassion

Her Story:

Green Tara is known as “The Mother of Compassion”.  She’s worshipped in a variety of Hindu and Buddhist traditions and guards against natural disasters, the elements of mother nature.  Green Tara nurtures humanity on a worldly level, alleviating suffering and misery.  This goddess influences self-mastery through meditation and can be called upon to help us strengthen those areas of our personality, ego, and self-esteem which need improvement.
Light a green candle to Green Tara, and recite the mantra below out loud, over and over again, if necessary, until you believe it with all your heart:

If I am weak, I will be strong; if I am stubborn, I will be flexible; if I am arrogant, I will be humble; if I am cruel, I will be kind.

I will succeed at all endeavors, and if I should slip up on one or two, it won’t be because I have not tried.  I am intelligent and worthy of success.  I am beautiful inside and out; I am creative; I am sensitive; I am healthy; I am cunning; I am energetic; I am a shaker and a mover; I am a good wife, mother, daughter…I am an exeptional wife; I am an exceptional mother; I am an exceptional daughter.

I shine.
I succeed.
I am.

Embracing the Goddess:

When going through any type of life crisis, whether physical illness, mental challenges, or self-esteem issues, Green Tara can be invoked for deep meditation, allowing us to safely journey within ourselves to find and follow the paths lease tread within our psyche.  She will open new doors of understanding, enabling us to grow from within and manifest our growth to the physical world around us.

Green Tara’s Correspondences:

Herbs: eyebright, marjoram, mint, slippery elm, anise
Animal: sow, raven, mare, owl
Color: green, yellow
Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Element: Air
Feminine Face: Maiden
Symbol: malachite, emerald, mirrors (for self-examination)


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