Dreamer and Lady Beltane Update

Dreamer went for her blood tests yesterday afternoon. We are anxiously waiting for the results to come back sometime today. As soon as we know the results you will too. Because of donations not only we were able to get the blood tests we were able to get her 30 days worth of the medication that is helping to improve her quality of life. She is walking, getting up and down of of the bed and couch easier, playing a little bit again, and is once again enjoying going for a small walk twice a day! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Today I officially go back to my maiden name! I am keeping it after Big Dawg and I get married. The reason is I am an only child and wish to honor my father’s blood line. If I could I would add my mother’s maiden name to my father’s last name to honor the woman who raised me by myself from the age of 12-years-old and helped me raise my 5 children. If not for my mom my 3 younger children might have wound up in the foster care system because of my drinking and drugging in my 30’s and 40’s. I owe more to her than I can ever express and miss her still every single day. I miss my dad too but he crossed over when I was so young that unfortunately I can no longer see his face except in dreams and pictures. Thankfully I am a spirit talker so I can still hear my parents voices.


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