Spell for Today – Attract a New Love Spell Without Ingredients

How Casting Love Spells Without Ingredients Works

When casting spells, any ingredients you use are a way of increasing the power of your spell but they’re also a way of focusing your own intentions. Having a set of ingredients or steps to focus on makes spellcasting more tangible and helps people (I mean myself here lol) set their focus and intention more strongly. Any spell done with ingredients could theoretically be just as effective without any ingredients as long as you know how to manifest your desires and are strong enough in your intentions.

If you think about it, you’ve probably already tried some ingredient-less spells. Who hasn’t blown out a birthday candle and made a wish? This is one of the most simple forms of magick out there; you close your eyes and …

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Notes on Casting Love Spells without Ingredients

  • So, when casting love spells without ingredients, what are the main points that you have to watch out for? The best piece of advice I can offer here is to really try to be incredibly mindful of what it is that you actually want. It’s so easy to get lost in one’s head and have 100 ideas floating around all at once. Pick one thing and one thing only to focus on with each spell that you cast. If you want a lover, think only about that. Don’t think about how that lover might end up being “the One” and how you might end up with kids and a dog and a house and a car. If that’s going happen it will, however, spiralling down a rabbit hole of imaginary scenarios definitely isn’t going to help your spell! Be as clear and precise as possible.
  • Don’t let your mind go down a rabbit hole, it’ll make you lose your focus and your spell may not have the intended results.
  • I know I said that these are love spells without ingredients, which they are, but in the interest of being as clear with yourself as you can it may be a good idea to sit down with a pen and paper and write down what you would like to achieve with your spell. Spend 5 minutes solidifying what you’re planning to ask for in your spell so that it doesn’t come out as a jumbled set of thoughts with no clear goal. You can also do this without the pen and paper, I just like doing it this way.
  • If you want to, write your concise ideas onto a piece of paper and use it as a petition at the end of both of these love spells without ingredients. Use a lighter and burn the paper with your desires on it at the end of the spell to send the petition out into the world along with your intention.
  • While it’s not necessary, I often like to sit down for 10 or 15 minutes to meditate before I begin spellcasting. It’s a wonderful way to calm your mind and often brings me clarity on a situation.
  • As always, it’s best to cast spells with as few distractions as possible. This means that if you have a dog that needs a walk, a child that needs lunch, a housemate in the middle of a party or a needy cat that wants attention, you should try to appease any or all of those needs before you start your spellwork.
  • Consider working with the moon phases when casting love spells without ingredients. The energy of the full moon is particularly powerful for all spellwork and the new moon is wonderful if you are looking for fresh and new beginnings. If you are doing either of these spells during a full moon, try and sit by a window where the moonlight hits you so that you are charging yourself and your spell with the moon’s power.

Attract a New Love

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Take 5 deep breaths.
  3. With your eyes still closed, try to empty out your mind completely. Try to blend out the random thoughts that pop up about what you’re eating for dinner and whether you need to go shopping tomorrow or not. (This is difficult, I struggle with this all the time thanks to an overactive imagination and some anxiety.)
  4. When your mind is as clear as you can get it, imagine how having a new love would make you feel. Think about the butterflies you get in your stomach, the intoxicating excitement of those first few heady meetings, the first kiss you might share and the joy of feeling loved. Imagine how it would feel to be wrapped up in this person’s arms and how safe and secure you would feel. Try not to think about how the person might look and instead focus on slipping into the feelings you want when you are with them as this is the important part.
  5. When you are deeply immersed in these feelings of love and with your eyes still closed say

“Lover, come into my life. Lover, let me adore you. Lover, share with me the beauty of life. Lover, now I call you”

  1. Repeat this chant 3 times (3 is a power number), while beaming the feelings you want to experience out into the world.
  2. After the 3rd chant, end the spell by slowly opening your eyes.
  3. Repeat this spell as often as you like until what you desire has manifested itself.

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