Happy Saturday my WOTC Family

How are you all doing today? As for me I feel exhausted even after a good night’s sleep. I have read and been told this is normal when recovering from the covid virus. I sure hope this and the bad cough with shortness of breathe goes away sooner than later. So the birthday horoscope and current Moon phase will go up for today at some point I am just not sure of when.

Besides not getting posts done I have watched way to much television. I first finished my binge of Chicago Med which led to a binge of Chicago Fire which led to the show I am binge watching now Chicago PD. Yes all three shows are interconnected. They are very interesting to me as I have lived all but about five years of my life either in the suburbs of or in Chicago, Illinois so with many outside scenes I can say, “I know where that is!”

I also have been sporadically reading “News Breaks” about the Rusdian – Ukraine War, earthquakes, wildfires, and drought that is happening worldwide. With all these horrible disasters I ask that all of us join together at 11:00 AM CDT tomorrow, Sunday for the northern hemisphere and Monday for the southern hemisphere, to light a white candle for complete cease fighting to occur in all wars everywhere, a red candle to bring strength and a blue candle for comfort for all people and animals effect by the wars and natural disasters.

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