Thank You All

Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions on combating my allergies and summer cold. Also, for your patients and answering when I did not feel up to posting any of the regular daily posts. I did use some of the suggestions and am feeling somewhat better today. A full night’s sleep helped too especially with my fibromyalgia flare.

All missing birth horoscopes from July 16 to July 20 are now posted on their specific date. Remember the birthday horoscopes are not just for your birth date but for the next year of your life.

I do not know right now if I will get all of the regular daily posts done for both hemispheres’ today, I will do what I can.

I posted what I think are the best posts to help with spells and rituals for both hemispheres’ today. I am hoping to get back on later to do these posts for the southern hemisphere’s tomorrow.

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