I Can Hardly Type

My fibromyalgia is still rearing its ugly head and has caused another flare along with a migraine. Thanks to temperature changes and me mowing our lawn this morning before it got hot and possible rain tonight. Right now, when I type it feels like hot needles sticking in my fingertips whenever they touch a key. I am going to rest for a while than try to get the southern hemispheres tomorrow posts up on time but no guarantees.

8 thoughts on “I Can Hardly Type

  1. You’re welcome. And thank you for the blessing! I just found out I got covid,bleh. Not sure how it’s going to play out. I got the double vax last year and it set my fibro off for 6 months! I also had fevers and body aches for three months! From the vax. I’m hoping after dealing with all that in May 2021, that for June 2022 this will just be a mild inconvenience. I have a few comorbidities (age, weight, asthma) but it’s the asthma I need to be careful with. I can feel it in my lungs wanting to become more. As Long as I do all I can to keep it from settling in there I should be fine. I just have too much to do to be sick!

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  2. Voltaren gel? It’s been a sanity saver for me with the same kind of pain, but in my legs and feet. This illness is horrid!

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      1. yes, and it can be OTC too and full strength. I get it in script form from my doc so ins covers it, but I;ve seen it as BJs and my local grocer. But Amazon will most likely have it too. I used it as patches when my fibro was through the roof on my back. I use it on my knees as well for the arthritis. It kind of numbs the nerves for my fibro so that stinging, zapping pain goes away.

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