Power Outage]

I do not know of I will be able to post today or not. We have been in a bad heat wave and I am guessing something got overloaded. I went to start posting and found out our power is out. My cell phone is fine for making a quick post like this but not for doing all the regular ones. And it’s really hot in my home with the heat index temperatures going over 100⁰F again today.


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  1. Totally get it! Those storms are headed our way in a few hours! Our heat index is set to be over 105F BLECH!!! I’m digging out the generator tonight, I finally got the a/c in the windows cranked up so by morning I’m hoping inside the house will be frosty enough to stave off the heat.
    It’s a 66 year old house so we have almost zero insulation. We got screwed over a few years ago when the govt forced us to have some put in (they pay our heating bill in winter) and the company only did a 10% job.
    I had mouse remediation inform I’d been screwed over and made my mouse problem so much worse- I was so tempted to go after them, but Karma is a better person than i am for that LOL
    I hope all has been sorted out and you’re safe and sound ❤ Thank you for all you do for us!

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    1. Please be careful and drink extra water! Our electric came back on about noon but by that time I had a migraine and fibromyalgia flare from the heat. YUCK!!!!
      You’re welcome! Thank you for your comment


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