A Thought for Today

What is the Reason for Rain on Samhain?

[Revisions made September 25,2021 so a couple of dates might be wrong. The dates for my father’s and mother’s births and deaths are correct]

I have often wonder why it almost always rains and is cold on Samhain. Where I live, in the central United States, it usually nice the day before and the day after but rarely the day of.

This morning my Guides gave me an answer to this question that seems so right I have no idea why I never thought of it. It rains on Samhain because the veil between our world and the Summerlands is very thin allowing what the Spirits of our family and friends are feeling about residing in the Summerlands to come into our world and our feelings to go easier into their world. It also makes it easier to converse with them in many different ways (coming soon a post explaining this more)

Just as we weep for loved ones lost because we miss the person they were in this lifetime they weep because they miss us also so. The rain we experience is in reality their tears. The cold is because they do not need heat to keep a incarnated body warm like we do in this world.

When honoring your ancestors this Samhain remember to take into account their feelings and try to explain yours to them. Communication is not just important when we some someone face to face it is important when dealing with those who have crossed over too.  Do not think the dialogue has to stop when Samhain is over, it may not be as easy to hear them but if they have something you really need to hear you will. Talk to them, ask them questions, tell them things. Just because they no longer have a physical body does not mean they are not interested in things going on in your life.

When helping those who passed away this past year cross into the Summerlands remind them of the happiness, rest, joy and love they will feel there instead of the cold uncertainty of roaming this world with no physical body. If you feel they are hanging on to something in this world or have unfinished business they want to take care before moving across the veil ask how you can help them let go or finish the unfinished business. It is important for us all to cross into the Summerlands after our physical bodies will no longer support life in this world, so we can rejuvenate and be reborn into our next life time.

Talking with my mom today and helping her to finish something she left undone (this I will not share as it was very personal between the two of us) after dreaming about her the other night (October 2015) for the first time since she passed (Born December 12, 1934 Died August 24, 2015) brought a calm to me I have not felt since the day before she passed. I knew the moment my mom passed as I felt a pull on both my heart and root charkas the two most connected thigs in our human body that connect us our to our parents and our children. She is happy and excited to be fully reunited with my dad, he refused rebirth until she and he could have some time together alone and with my eight siblings, who all passed away shortly before or after birth, in the Summerlands They both told me today that they will wait for me to join them in the future when it is my time to return to the Summerlands before they consider another lifetime in this world. Which made me feel very loved and special. It also makes me cry happy/sad tears every time I think about the sacrifice they choose to make for me. You see my dad (Born March 25, 1934) crossed over the veil exactly one month before my twelfth birthday on April 1, 1970. (Please NO April Fool’s jokes. Thank you)

I am sorry if this post seems to ramble some but I was typing as it came to me and had a couple of interruptions for trick-or-treater, all the kids in the neighborhood love to come to the Witch’s house because she gives out good treat if they do not trick her.

[Some of this paragraph maybe early while some of it could be what  you needed to read today] May your Samhain be blessed,. May your time with your ancestors be joyful. My your New Year be filled with everything you need, a warm home, loving family and friends, enough food to keep hunger at bay, clothing to keep you comfortable and even bring you a way to get a couple of things you just want.

2015 Lady Beltane