February 12 Southern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions

The time for the Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

12 February (11) 2021
09:00 pm GMT 8:00 AM AEDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:23 Aquarius 22
Moon:24 Aquarius 20
Mercury:16 Aquarius 11 Rx
Venus:12 Aquarius 53
Mars:18 Taurus 28
Jupiter:12 Aquarius 38
Saturn:06 Aquarius 33
Uranus:07 Taurus 04
Neptune:19 Pisces 38
Pluto:25 Capricorn 33

True Lunar Node:17 Gemini 44 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:16 Gemini 38 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):12 Taurus 39

Chiron:06 Aries 23
Ceres:26 Pisces 28
Pallas:21 Aquarius 59
Juno:16 Sagittarius 01
Vesta:19 Virgo 14 Rx

Eris:23 Aries 33



If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, copy and paste
this link into your browser Currentplanetarypositions.com
To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time use copy and paste this link into your browser TimeandDate.com

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