Happy Sunday or Monday

Well, I am sort of back meaning I will post the current moon and planetary positions, along with the birthday horoscope. I will go back and post the birthday horoscope for the missing days.

Once again I apologize to our sis and brothers in the Southern Hemisphere for the days I have not posted your moon phase and planetary positions. I have decided to quit using the websites I was sent for Australia’s moon phase because I checked it and timeanddate.com to see if there were any difference in the information and there wasn’t except timeanddate giving more information about the moon’s position. This makes it easier on me as on any given day I do posts and talk with students and can be dealing with up to 4 or more different times zones and the international date line. With running 2 websites, mentoring about 15 student in different stages of their studies, and answering emails from others with questions I need to make things as easy as I can.

Don’t get me wrong I love the work and will not be giving it up as long as I an type. I especially like mentoring new witches. It’s I just get overwhelmed sometimes and need to take  day or two away to just let my brain rest.

Love, peace, and blessed be dear ones.

I have a youtube playlist I sing along with. I named “Pagan Wake Up.” This is one of the songs on it. For your listening pleasure



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