Angel Magick

Angel Magick is one of the most potent types of Magick in existence and there are so many ways to imbue your life with it.  For this, we should all be thankful.  Most people don’t know it, but we all use a form of Magick everyday.

Many people were taught that Angels are predominately male, however, through my years of learning about them and working with them, I’ve found that they can be male OR female.  Also, they must not ALWAYS have wings.

Angels will be a part of your life in a way that will NEVER frighten you.  That means that they will basically show up in a way that will make you feel most comfortable.  For example, if you love animals, they will show up in animal form.  Some people believe they should show up in ‘energy’ form…and they do; they will convert themselves in a way that…

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