Welcome to a Stormy Sunday or a Moody Monday

Sorry for the late start today but household duties took longer than planned. This coming week we are going to take a look at astrological signs beside the Sun signs we are all used to. I will be posting things about the Chinese and Celtic signs and if I find any other type those too.

I wish you all a relaxed Sunday in the north or an easy Monday at work in the south.

Brilliance of Flowers

Savannah Skye


These are my words celebrating the brilliance of flowers
For they true contain beauty bestowed by nature’s powers

The petals of dahlia are traced with burnt red edges
Filled in with a brilliant yellow as bright as the sun
To cheer up your surrounding colored space

The orangeish Iceland poppy opens it’s face
With a brilliant smile
To shine some happiness onto your day

The fuchsia colored flanders field poppy
Shoots it’s tendril at you right out of it’s center
To catch your attention if it’s beauty wouldn’t

The red-spotted yellow petaled humboldt lily
Dances wildly in the wind
While telling the breeze, you can’t catch me

The dark pink painted daisy
Is beautifully brushed onto nature’s canvas
More perfectly than any Monet or Van Gogh

The meadow foam’s yellow run’s into it’s white
Like the moon chasing the sun
Out of the sky at night

The white water lily
So pure and pristine
Is a true beauty in any light

The pink rose’s charm
Swirls out from it’s center
Spinning into the world with love’s delight

The African daisy vivid and orange
Intense and dazzling
Is crazy with love

The California Poppy
Paler orange with yellow dancing
on the edge of it’s wings
Is so light and delicate to the thought of a touch

The calla lily is so sensual
With it’s phallic like center
Jetting erotically out of it’s pure white petals

The Japanese flowering cherry
Is white with vivid delight
Awake with color and sight

The English daisy
With it’s white face and button yellow nose
Will sit perfectly with your afternoon tea

The stunning yellow viridis
Jumps out at you
Taking your breath completely away

The African iris
Is stunningly beautiful
In it’s white with gold lilac outlined dress

The queen of sheba’s yellow tulip
Tempts the passerbys with it’s sensual petals
Of the most curvaceous kind

The purple iris
Whispers to you from it’s yellow-white edged center
Look at me, I am the most beautiful of all

The yellow and red gloriosa daisy
Whose petals grow so wildly crazy
1,2,3,4,5 – oh my, they are all so gloriously alive

The violet blue iris named caesar
So charming, so stunning, so full of delight
Opens it’s mouth with a touch of white

All of these flowers do possess brilliance
For they are all beautiful in their own right