Good Spellbind Saturday Everyone

Welcome to a day of the birds sing under slightly clouday skies or Ihope where you live the day is blessed with blue skies and Ra shinning down upon you.. Or welcome to a beautiful evening that hopefully you have a clear sky to see Luna and the staars in all their wonderst beauty.

I apologize for not getting the regular daily posts up yesterday but we are already having a horrible allergy season in Illinois and the allergins are kicking butt but not taking names…lol.

Than when I went to post this morning thhis site somehow got switch to the “Private” setting instead of “Public.” I have a good idea who is messing around with this website because this isn’t the first abnormality I have found this week. I just have to figure out how, the unfriendly witch is doing it. I guess it’s time to put on my thinking cap.

As anyone with allergies and/or sinus problems can understand it feels like my head weights about 50 pounds, and not from ego, and hurts more when we sit up. So I am going to try to do your Moon phaase, current planetary positions, and hopefully the birthday and general horoscopes up fo both hemispheres for today and tomorrow.

Ok, on with my experiment. Sorry it took so long to start getting the daily posts up something came up I had to deal with.

May your blessings be plentiful and your troublems be minimal.