Think About This…

Going along with mine and Lady Abyss’ posts on helping the government employees who are now not getting paid I thought having a visual in your mind might help along with this question – How would you feel if you and your family’s home taken away and you had to figure out how to provide for them with only the sky for your roof.

Please donate what you can through the “Donation” button on Coven Life’s Homepage. We will be keeping a very accurate account of the donations and the people in our pagan community.

If you are an unpaid government employee please send a copy of your last paystub with everything blacked out except your full name, name of the department who paid you, and the date you were paid.

Upon written request anyone who has donated can request a copy of the spreadsheets of amount donated and who we have paid it out to and how much the received.

This is a joint fundraiser of Witches of The Craft and Coven Life.

Lady of the Abyss – Witches of The Craft

Lady Beltane  – Coven Life


Donate to the Federal Government Employee Relief Fund