Prayers for North and South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

Coven Life®

North Carolina is in the direct path of Florence a category 4 hurricane. Florence’s effects, for example super heavy rains, causing the Atlantic ocean to have 15 feet or higher storm surges hit the coastal areas, ect are happening as I write this.

I ask anyone reading this to pray for the safety of those living in these states and for the first responders who are working around the clock to keep others safe. Also for all the pets and wildlife being effected by the winds and water hurricane Florence is causing.

Hekate and Pan be with the humans and animals to get them to safety.

Hekate and Pan keep all those in the path of and fall out from the hurricane called Folerence safe.

Archangel Micheal stand beside and protect the first responders and members of the Nattional Guard that are being sent in to help people escape the…

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