A Final Thought About Beltane……..

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Even though it is not Beltane yet, you can feel the magick start to fill the air. It is swirling all around you, can you feel it? I believe my favorite Sabbats are Beltane and Samhain. Unusual combination isn’t it? One is the celebration of life and the other is the celebration of death. Both part of our natural cycle we call life.



I believe when the Sabbats roll around I still have something that was once said to me still haunt me to this day. I know some of you have heard it over and over again but, here goes again…..I had a dear friend I asked how was his Samhain? His reply to me was, “I guess alright, however Pagans are suppose to celebrate it.” That has been a few years back and that still haunts me. We do our best to try to provide you with the information you need to celebrate the Sabbats. Or at least I thought we did till I received my friend’s reply.



We give you the information to celebrate the Sabbats. Truthfully, the way you celebrate each turning of the Wheel is in your heart. No text book, no site, not even us can tell you how to celebrate. Look into your heart. You know the meaning of each Sabbat, celebrate them the way you want to. Do what  feels right for you? Start a new tradition for your family or yourself.



My celebration is going to be simple this year. I know most of you don’t know it because I told everyone to keep it quiet, I was in the hospital for four days. So my celebration will be rather low key. I plan on going outside around midnight when all the stars are shining brightly, looking up at the sky and giving thanks to the Universe and my Divine Mother for a very blessed year and a bountiful one to come. Then I plan on sitting quietly on the porch, with soft music playing in the background, watching the fairies play. I almost forgot the small bonfire in my grill, lol! Thanking them for their presence and the joyful gifts they bring into my life each day. After a little bit, I will get up and go in but before I do, I will say one more little prayer which will probably go like this….



Divine Mother,

Shine your love and your blessings down upon us all,

For they are needed now more than ever.

Bring peace, love and comfort back to us once again.

Continue to bless us not only tonight but for every night to come.

My Divine Mother,

I humbly ask this for not only myself but for

all my brothers & sisters of your great world.

So Mote It Be

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