Your Charm for April 29th is The Ankh

Your Charm for Today

The Ankh

Today’s Meaning:
You may need help from a higher law to balance this aspect. This law could be a supervisor, a mediator or even a judgement through a legal venue.
General Description:
Throughout Egyptian civiliation, which lasted some 6,000 years, charms and talismans played a consipcuos part, both in their religious and civil life. The Ankh, the symbol of life one of Egypts most popular and ancient amulets, was supposed to bestow upon the wearer, intellegnce, power, and abundance. It was formed by the hieroplyphic RU, O, set on a cross, the loop RU representing a fish’s mouth (supposed to give bith to water), and in this form represents the key of the Nile which inundates the country fertilizing the land and bringing prosperity. Most of the Egyption gods are shown holding an Ankh, and their kings always carried on at their coronations.