The Goddess Companion for February 25th

The Goddess Companion

Her face had the black-blue shine of coal.
Her one bony tooth was red like rust.
her hair was think and dense and gray
like brushwood in a dying forest.
In her head was one eye like a pool,
swifter than a star in the winter sky.
That one stone eye in the hag’s head
moved quicker than mackerel after a lure.

~Scottish Song

About The Hag Goddess

In North Africa, this day begins the Time of the Old Woman, a period of dangerous weather. In Scotland, too, this was the time old woman of winter was said to chase the new spring across the land. Inevitably, the Spring Goddess won, and the old one was turned into a huge boulder.

Inevitably, too, our lives change. We too have our seasons: youth, midlife, age. And within those seasons, we have weather: good times and bad ones, and times when we just hang on. We have storms and calm periods, tempests and balmy warmth. We have sunny days when nothing seems like it can possibly go wrong, and then a rain of tears when life takes from us what we’ve cherished.

During sunny times, enjoy and be thankful. During bad weather, endure and remember that however chill the winter, spring always follows.


By Patricia Monaghan & GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast