The Goddess Companion

The Goddess Companion

The desert wind lends you wings
to fly across the land.
You fly across the land
bearing the decrees of heaven.
We all bow to you, trembling,
fearful of your stormy radiance.
We all bow to you,
knowing you are the epitome of justice.
Bowing to you, we weep in lamentation at our wrongdoing.
Sighing great sighs,
we walk around your shrine and pray,
Sighing great sighs,
we attempt to follow your precise path.

~Song of Akkadian Princess Enheduanna to Goddess Inanna

We are all part of the universe, all children of the Goddess. So how can we possibly do wrong?

Is not every imaginable action part of the universe and therefore somehow just?

It is not as simple as that, for some actions unite us more fully to the cosmos while others seperate us from it. All people who have ever existed have made similar distinctions between right and wrong, good and evil. The Goddess, like any good mother, assists her children in choosing right and punishes them when they do not. She can be wrathful when we fail to satisfy her, the ancient prayers tell us. When we pull away from her in our hearts, when we choose to live without attending to her laws, she will correct us. To be a true follower of the Goddess means to seek constantly to live in congruence with her inner laws.

By Patricia Monaghan and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives