An Easy Way To Demonstrate Auras To Your Friends

An Easy Way To Demonstrate Auras To Your Friends

By: Sarah Smith

Believe it or not some people just do not believe in auras! This article shows you an easy and fun way to demonstrate the existence of auras to your friends.

I came across this method when I was studying metaphysics for fun. I demonstrated this to one of my friends. We had a great laugh. My friend had never experienced anything like this before and was completely blown away by the whole event!

First you need to find two hollow non-metal tubes. The inside of a glad wrap or tin foil roll is ideal or you could use a rubber hose. Cut it to a length that easily fits your hand. Next you need two pieces of wire. I like to use the wire from a coat hanger. Bend each piece of wire to form a right angle.

Place each wire into each of the tubes. The wire should be free to move.

Turn off as many electrical gadgets as you can as these may interfere with the demonstration. Certainly turn off your TV, computer and mobile phones.

Now for the demonstration. You may choose to do this outside in the garden but you can just as easily do it inside so long as there is a bit of room and not too much clutter. Ask your friend to stand as far away from you as they can. The further the better really as we don’t yet know where the boundaries of your friends’ aura are.

Hold the tubes with the wires inserted. Hold one tube in each hand. Hold your hands out in front of you. Very slowly walk towards your friend.

As you slowly approach your friend the wires will probably move around a little. At some point the wires will suddenly start to move outwards. This will happen as they interact with one of the outer limits of your friends’ aura.

It may take a couple of tries to get a real feeling for what’s happening. If nothing happens or you’re just not convinced then you may be starting this demonstration already inside the aura field. If this is the case you will just need to approach your friend from a greater distance. Once you get a feel for things there will be no doubt in your mind that the aura exists as a strong field of energy surrounding each and every one of us. Make some kind of a mark on the floor to record where the wires did their thing. Then swap and let your friend hold the tubes and approach you. If they were a non-believer before they will soon be stunned.

You can also demonstrate how our emotions affect our auras.

Get your friend to think of something really negative or a time when they were unhappy. Ask them to hold that thought. Repeat the demonstration outlined above.

You will be amazed at how the limits of the aura have shrunken as you start to step over the previously recorded line.

Now go back to your starting point. Ask your friend to think of something really positive or a time when they felt great and were happy. When you repeat the exercise you will find that their auras have expanded. Sometimes this expansion will actually be outside of the walls of the room you are doing this demonstration in so you may need to go outside into a more open space!

If you are a really keen student of the aura you may want to progress from this exercise. Once you get a feel for things you can try just using your hands with the palms of your hands held out in front of you as slowly walk forward. It takes a bit more time and effort to develop sensitivity but it can be done and anyone can do it. You don’t need to be psychic or hold any special skills or talents.

I really like this demonstration because it’s simple, it’s fun and it works. It’s a great reminder to us all that we are more than our physically visible selves. It brings up all sorts of questions. Do you walk around with your aura all contracted or expanded?

What kind of health issues will walking around with a contracted aura cause you in the long run?

What about all the electrical gadgets we interface with on a daily basis? How are they affecting us?

How does living in a very crowded city affect your aura? Imagine walking through a crowded shopping area or along a very crowded street! You’re walking through thousands of auras! How does this affect you? Should we be doing some kind of daily aura cleansing just like we take a shower or a bath?

Once you’ve experienced the demonstration above I’m sure you’ll be filled with your own set of questions.