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  1. Heya.. we’re under another gale winter storm warning and big fat snowflakes started falling about an hour ago while I was out getting some groceries. I’m a Fall Winter gal. Spring doesn’t last very long here.. we go straight into the hot humid Summer. Each season holds something special, but Fall and Winter are my favs.
    Honey I’m so sorry that you had been going through such hell. Withdrawal is just awful and I feel so badly that I posted my woes here. Gee you’ve been going through a lot.. you know.. you’re so special.. sister of my heart.. and I’m here ANY time you need someone to talk to.. yell at.. cry, cuss or scream to.
    Mocha is a darling, the closeness we feel for them doesn’t go away.. and I know that you understand my heart. Every single day I’ve cried.. not all day.. but a different times. I just miss her.. so freakin much. By the second week hubby began looking at our local humane society webpage and our local feral cat society website. The one week he showed me pictures on the FC page..of 3 sisters.. the second week, the were posted on the HS webpage.. it turned out that both societies merged along with the cat adoption center at the mall. Going onto the 4th week after Fiona passed, he wanted to go look at these sisters. So we did.. they were at the Humane Society.. on sale.. with a chip, fixed, 6 weeks of pet insurance.. I felt drawn to one of them, we brought home the application, my daughter took me back the next day.. we brought home a 9 months plus old little girl kitty. She’s a little sweetheart and cuddly and all that. We haven’t bonded and I don’t feel the closeness that I have for Fiona but I think that its because a part of me feels guilty.. and its just too soon. I appreciate what my husband was trying to do. I’ve been just so.. down, depressed, crying and sad. this little girl is sweet and funny and adorable. I named her Kolleen. She’s 10 months now. She does things that remind me of Fiona when she was that goofie age. The weather is getting worse.. they said we’re to have gale winds and heavy snow and rain. They say its going to last straight into tomorrow night.
    Geeez I forgot that I have chicken in the oven to.. my heads so far up me arse right now. Lady A.. Iove you to bits..


  2. Heya.. each day is so unpredictable. I’ll be going about my business, and then I’ll see something that just floods me with emotion. Since she left, I’ve been playing my Yanni Live At the Acropolis CD a lot.. it’ll be 2 weeks this Monday..
    Scraggyboy (a stray feral that’s been hanging out here for as long as I’ve lived here) came in the other night. It was just so danged freezing cold and I didn’t have the cold heart to make him stay out all night. So, he came in, spent the night.. the whole next day and then he wanted out. During the time he was here, hubby and I talked a bit about letting him stay, but I have such conflicting emotions about it, and he’s a loner. His coming going staying leaving is all on his terms. I feed him, I have an insulated sleeping box with straw for him and another sheltered box that I put his food in. That’s it. Its too soon. I wish our babies could stay with us .. and we just all go together, at the same time. No sad hearts. No gaping hole.. I know that this is going to take time.. eventually all of this will lessen. You’ve gone through this and know all too well (((hugs)))..
    I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling like such crap.. are you taking anything to boost your immune system? On a lighter note, I love what you’ve done here. Its all laid out so nicely.. you post great information and in a way that anyone can understand. There’s a nice warm homey feel about this place, so welcoming.. it’s so YOU… (((hugs)))
    Loveya Bunches


    1. Celtie,
      I have been aiming to write you. I don’t know if you have ever experienced withdrawals but it is a living hell. My mind is finally starting to function again. I stayed up for three solid nights, I couldn’t sleep. I had wild ass thoughts of death. Not to mention the shakes and the sweating. I also quite eating. I called my new doctor and told him what was going on. I was told I should have called sooner. Anyway, he got me on a medicine to help with the withdrawals. I am slowly tapering off of it. I am starting to feel like a human and can now think.

      I feel so bad that Fiona passed and I wasn’t there for you. I am so sorry, sis. Stinker and Kiki are both getting up in age. I know I have it coming eventually but I am hoping I have several more years with them. No one can understand what a person feels when they lose one of their babies. I know that is how I felt about Mocha, she was my baby. So are the others I have now. There is just that special bond that we form with our little fur babies. I read in a book one time, that there is no greater bond than one between man and Nature’s babies. I believe that with all my heart. Unfortunately, I don’t have any magick words to make you feel better. I wish I did. The pain and emptiness will last for a long time. I know they say time heals all wounds, that is a load of shit. I still miss Mocha and also everyone else who has passed in my life.

      Fiona will be with you for a while, sweetie. The ones that leave us do not want us to be sad they are gone. They want us to move on with our lives. And they do come back to let us know they are all right and to put our mind to ease. I know you might think you are crazy if you see Fiona. But you aren’t, she is letting you know she is fine and no longer in pain. That is the only comfort I can find in death, to know my loved ones are no longer suffering. You have to find some way to console yourself or else you will go crazy. It also helps to talk about it. Losing a loved one is an awful thing to have happen. If you feel like crying then cry, if you feel like hitting the wall, hit it. Whatever it takes to get you through Fiona’s passing. I am here for you now and if you need me all you have to do is call. I will answer. I am so very sorry I have not been able to help you till now. Please forgive me, sis.

      I don’t like Winter, never have. It seems like everything awful happens then. It is a long, hard, cruel season. I hate every year to see it roll around. Nothing good has ever happened to me in the Winter months. Perhaps it is just in my mind then I look out the window and realize it isn’t. I will be so glad when Spring gets here I won’t know what to do. I love Spring and Fall. Spring is beautiful here. I wish you could come and visit. Kentucky has the most beautiful grass you have ever seen. The state is famous for it’s bluegrass and it is beautiful. Driving along, looking at the beautiful green hills and all the tulips in bloom it takes your breath away. But I would imagine it is just as beautiful where you live. I have made my mind up your are destined to live in a cabin. The reason I keep having images of you in one. Well really it is more of a cottage than cabin. You are out on a beautiful green country-side. You can see a rocky bluff just up above your cottage. On one of the bluffs there is a beautiful waterfall. It is a beautiful image I get every time I think about you. Perhaps it is because I know how much you love nature and the Elements. Or perhaps it because everything else I have always envisioned for you has come true. I also see you and hubby out in the yard with you. You are holding hands and looking up at the waterfall together. He is your Prince Charming, sweetie. I believe since you and him are in it for the long haul, if I were you I might work a little magick there. Wouldn’t hurt nothing. Nothing to extreme just a little spell for him to notice your more or one to rekindle the fire. You probably read it or might have told you but I have tons of people write me in regards to rekindling their marriages and relationships. I think it is just the lives we led these days. Technology is a good thing but it has become between a lot of couples. I know Frank pulled a good one. He has moved out of our bedroom, nothing is the matter. The critters won’t let him in the bed, especially Razzy. She is the bobcat and she hates men. He told me he stuck out his hand so she could sniff him and she bit him. I told him he should have hollered and I would have popped her butt. But she stays in the bedroom. This is her room and when Kiki and me come in here at night, she jumps for joy. She is nothing but a big kid at heart. She still gets on my neck when I have been on the computer to long or not paying her any attention. She is long enough now that her head hangs down on one side and her feet and tail hang down on the other. That darn tail of hers, she will beat you to death with it, I swear. But anyway, he moved to Jeremy’s old room. He decided we would set up email accounts that we just knew about. We would keep these accounts open while we were on the net. If we wanted to talk we would correspond through email. I told him he was crazy as hell. If he had anything to say or ask me, he better come down here. If not, all of us were moving down there. That broke that crap up real quick. I swear being that damn lazy.

      Gee, I didn’t mean to talk so long. I just felt so bad about Fiona passing and you feeling so alone. But like I said I haven’t had good sense until here recently. I would imagine some would debate if I ever had good sense at all. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love you to pieces and only want the best for you. You deserve it more than anyone, sis. When you get a minute, let me know how you are doing.

      I Love You,
      Lady A

      P.S. I didn’t know you had written this comment when I was writing to you. The feral cat you are talking about, Stinker was a feral. He is one of the best cats I have ever had. Don’t rush it, a feral takes time to come around to humans. If he is meant to be with you, then it will work out. If not, another one will appear. Just don’t get attached to the feral to you are sure he is meant to stay with you. If you do, you might get hurt again. I have had several cats around here that come up and I do like you. Fix them a place to live, feed them, look after them, then the damn coyotes or wild dogs kill them. I am crushed. So wait and see, please, I don’t want to see you hurt again.

      Thank you for the comments about the site. I am glad you like it. I tried to give it a relaxed, laid back feeling. Apparently I succeeded, lol! It is great to have you here. You don’t know how much it means to me. I love you. I hope you know that.


  3. Heya Lady Abyss, I hope that by now, your med situation has been all sorted out and that you’re over your flue. To say the least, being sick sucks. We’re just waiting for another round of winter snow storms.. this one is suppose to drop a lot of snow. Again.. and its going to start sometime today/night..and go straight through tomorrow. Its been 1 week and a day since Fiona left.. I miss her so much. If I’ve been out, which isn’t to often.. but when I come to the door, I expect to see her walking into the kitchen to greet me.. when I get up, I expect to see her waiting for me.. at night, I always get her water dish and when she heres the little clinging noise that it makes, she comes trotting out.. all excited cuz she knows she’s getting fresh water again and her food dish topped up. She’s just ALWAYS been with me. I’m sorry.. I don’t mean to go on so much.. they way I talk you’d think she was my own flesh and blood.. the way I feel about her.. this hurts. I know she isn’t hurting now.. I know she’s in a different place where she’s happy. I just… miss her.. anyway.. I hope everything got sorted out with you and that your family is all good.. Spring is on its way.. no real sign of it.. but it’ll get here.. be safe.. Love You Bunches.. celtie


    1. Oh, Celtie, I am so very sorry. I remember you saying she was ill but I figured you might have a little more time with her. There are no words that will heal your heart. It will take time and then time does not heal all wounds. I believe you know that as well as I do. Keep her alive in your heart and she will always be with you.

      I have got to run for now. I am feeling better but not 100%. I have been aiming to comment on Fiona passing but I still feel like crap after the postings. I am so sorry for your loss, sweetie. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask.
      May the Goddess grant you comfort in Her loving Arms,
      Love you, sis,
      Lady A


  4. Heya honey.. I’m so sorry that you’ve been sick.. and I hope you get the medicine thing sorted out.. that’s darned serious. A few times this week I’ve popped in, but only posted that one.. you see, this past Monday.. January 27th.. just after 9pm.. my sweet little kitty-girl.. Fiona.. left me. She’d been very sick with a bladder and kidney issue.. plus.. in September she was diagnosed with diabetes. We’ve had her on insulin, and 2 special foods for all of her conditions.. but.. a little more than a month ago, I felt that she was going downhill.. its left me.. shattered. So grief stricken, my heart hurts something awful and I miss her. So, I’ve not been overly chatty.. I want her back.. I know the common sense crap.. of course I don’t want her suffering. I just love her so much. We were together for 14 years.. anyway.. she will be buried in the spring.. I hope you get over that flu .. just take care of yourself honey..


    1. I am so sorry, Celtic. Words cannot begin to even start to ease the heartache. As you know I have been through it myself. I believe you and Fiona had a very unique relationship. She will always be with you. I know Mocha still shows up to this day. Keep an eye out for little signs for her. A brush against your arm or chest, not just the wind, Fiona trying to let you know she is fine. She is in a better place with our Goddess. She is no longer suffering. She is a young, playful kitten running and romping in the fields of the Summerlands. She will return to you off and on. Remember as long as she lives in your heart, she is never gone.

      I am so, so sorry. I will keep you in my prayers and ask the Goddess to give you comfort.
      Love ya,
      Lady A


    1. Hey sis, I wanted to touch base real quick. I am sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I have had the flu or something again. Plus the new doctor I am going to screwed up my meds and I had bad, bad withdrawals. So with both on of those going with me, I have felt like death warmed over. I have been doing the daily posts with my head hung over the computer. Just as soon as I get to feeling better, I will write more. I just got to thinking I had left you hanging in the lurch, which wasn’t right. I hope you understand. I love hear from you and didn’t want you to think there was anything wrong.
      Love ya, sis,
      Lady A


    1. I had to go back and read the thing again. We have had so many interruptions around here today. Goodness, it ain’t even funny.


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