Congratulations To November’s Raffle Winner…..

Susan Randis!

You are our November Winner, sweetie! Please check out the items up for raffle. Then you can either leave a comment here or email direct & let us know which one you would like. We appreciate everyone that participated in November raffle. I believe for December, we will give the raffle a break and continue it next year. I don’t want to burn everyone out on it. Besides I still have that dream of a store (I just have to work it in the schedule somehow, lol!).

Thank you again for everything you do for us.

Congratulations, Susan!

We wait to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations To November’s Raffle Winner…..

  1. Oh boy, oh boy!! I won!! Lady A I would truly cherish the celtic cross ritual chest. It will be a wonderful solstice gift!! Blesssed Be


    1. Yes, you did! Congratulations again, sweetie! Thank you for get in touch with us so quickly. I will get the chest on its way to you. I will use the address from PayPal. If that is not ok, then please email me with the correct addy.


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