In Touch with the Spirit World

In Touch with the Spirit World

by Jenni Kosarin

When you are conducting a séance, whom are you trying to contact? One answer is the spirit world. Spirits do not inhabit “space,” so they can’t possess the medium and take over his body. Instead, they are able to contact and influence the aura of the medium—that magnetic field of energy or glow that surrounds each person. Spiritual entities are able to speak to us through the aura of someone who knows how to hear them.

Your aura is pure when you are born, but it may be damaged during your lifetime with drug abuse, guilt, letting people treat you badly, and so forth. To cleanse your aura, you can meditate or rely on crystal or mind therapy.

If you can’t get in touch with a specific soul or spirit, there are two possible explanations. First, we are very attached to our bodies and the material world. Everything here is dense and heavy compared to that which exists on the spiritual plane. Even though humans have access to the spiritual world, we are mostly a part of the real world and are more aware of it because we need to be in order to survive. Tuning in to the spiritual realm is not critical for our survival and we don’t get much practice in it, so it’s almost impossible for the average person to forge a contact with a spirit.

There is a second reason as well. There are many different planes in the spiritual world, and our world is one of the first levels. Compared with other planes, our concepts of time, space, relativity, and even reality, which mankind has constructed, are amateur at best. In other words, contrary to what we may wish, the spiritual world does not revolve around us—we are just one small part of it.

Many spirits do not wish to or cannot be contacted. They have moved on and are learning what their souls must learn now. The spiritual plane they are on is very far away (not in terms of space, but in terms of dimension) from ours. Consequently, professional mediums true to their trade will tell you that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to contact a specific soul or spirit. We do not normally choose our spirit guides or angels. They choose us.

Whom Do We Have Access To?

Unfortunately, spirit entities that are close to our plane are, many times, those who are lost, held back, or stuck in their own holding pattern. For some reason, they are still clinging to the beliefs they had on this plane and, consequently, refuse to move on. Some of them even refuse to acknowledge that they are no longer alive. In fact, many mediums say that confused spirits are usually the first ones to come through during a séance. They recommend that you ask the spirit (who claims to be so-and-so) to verify things that only the soul of the particular person would know.

Other than that, higher guides, spirits, and angels are available to us because they remain close to this plane. They’re here to help us and they can sometimes come through as well.