From The Lips Of A Witch – Very Moving & Thought Provoking Poem

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From The Lips Of A Witch…

Ye of little faith,
no tears for the Witch-
I beseech thee.
For this is my way,
I choose my Path,
and the ground reaches up to greet me.

The sun beats upon me,
tired and weary each step
yet no tears on my face you shall see-
This Witch has no reason to have wept.

In my face
The Witch’s tell tale lines,
each furrow an etch of wisdom gained
Yet no knowledge will you possess
If you strike and cause me pain

I see those things
you turn your back on
Betrayed by your fallen hope
You cannot bend me to your will
or sentence me to beg and grope

So still the fluttering of your hands,
your anger at my faith
I am a Witch, this much is true,
It is my Path- my Fate.

Pull close your heart,
And finally see
the emotion in my face
It is not fear, nor malice there…
just the serenity and grace.

I found my way through
love and light,
I grew to be who I am
It was not hate that got me here,
or fear of the God of Man

I found the Witch within my heart-
Or did the Witch find me?
We are one, and so the same
forever here to be.

So Goddess Bless, and
be true to yours,
and I shall be true to mine…
We’re all sisters and brothers under the skin,
regardless of our Divine.


Wiccan Pictures


5 thoughts on “From The Lips Of A Witch – Very Moving & Thought Provoking Poem

    1. Of course not, hun. I appreciate you asking but everything on here is for our followers to share. So if you see something you like, feel free to grab it. It would be nice to get a little link back if you don’t know. Also if anyone where you post it knows the author, please let me know. I will give proper credit to the beautiful poem then. Thank you again for asking. I appreciate it. Have a very Blessed Day!


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