Hello On This Beautiful Thursday Afternoon!

I am sorry for being late, it is all Lady A’s fault (don’t tell her I said that, lol!). She had me outside forcing me to play with a baby cougar. Oh, it was awful I tell you! The baby was so soft and cute, I just couldn’t stand it. Pure Agony! Sure, I enjoyed every minute of it. So much that I let the time get away from me. Then I log into WordPress and they have changed this whole back end for us. It will take me a minute to figure it out. Oh, my goodness, it is going to be a Maniac Thursday! I have got to go. I am running so late. I am sorry it is all Lady A’s fault, lol! I will be a toad later on this afternoon. Nice knowing ya’ !

I hope you have a very good afternoon,

Blessings my friends,




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4 thoughts on “Hello On This Beautiful Thursday Afternoon!

  1. I didn’t realize that big momma was in the enclosure as well. You can certainly be forgiven for not snapping pics at a time like that. Wild animals are just that and safety is the better part of valor in that case. You guys are doing such good work there. May it bring you many blessings.


    1. The babies are little enough they are still nursing. We never bottle fed any baby if there momma is around. The momma cougar takes good care of her babies. In about two weeks, the momma will probably start to wean them (that will be funny from a distance). I will get the camera and put it in Lady’s hand, lol! If I don’t she will forget it. After the momma weans the babies, she will be ready to go. She will try everything to get out of the enclosure. Lady has been calling around to find a spot to relocate her. We all agreed we don’t won’t to take her back to Illinois. The farmers up there are shooting cougars. The babies will have to stay here for several months. At least till they get big enough to be out on their own. Thank you. We love what we do. I love caring for all the babies we get. But not this time, no, no, no!


  2. What a great reason to be a little behind. If you post pictures of the little scamp, you will be redeemed completely.


    1. I will have to let Lady A do that. The mother cougar won’t let you near her enclosure unless Lady A is presence. I was scared to death to go in there. Lady A walked in first and the momma cougar came running up to her. She smelled Lady A, then jumped up on her,(scared me, oh, scared me bad!)then started licking her. Lady A got covered up in cougar kisses. She got her down and started petting her. She walked over to the babies and picked them up. Lady A made sure they were all right and she called me over. That momma growled at me, scared again! Then Lady A told her it was ok, I was a friend. The momma stopped growling but she kept one mean eye on me. Lady A is the only one she lets around her or in there with her and her babies. Any pictures get took, Lady A will have to do it. Sorry, again!


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