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Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest content:

A monochrome photograph of a young male soldier with dark skin posing for an official portrait wearing the uniform of the United States Marine Corps

  • … that Howard P. Perry (pictured) was the first African American recruit in the United States Marine Corps?
  • … that during the Ottoman wars in Europe, the Croat feudal lord Petar Kružić defended the Klis Fortress against Ottoman invasion for more than two decades until the final Siege of Klis?
  • … that Paula Barbieri was reportedly the last girlfriend of O. J. Simpson before the murder of Nicole Simpson and stuck with him during his trial?
  • … that the extinct Miocene hickory Carya washingtonensis is known from over 50 nuts found as a rodent cache within a petrified stump?
  • … that the Tobermory whisky distillery is located in the village made famous by the children’s television show Balamory?
  • … that Jigme Gyatso was re-arrested after his allegations of torture by Chinese security forces were re-played on Voice of America?
  • … that DVD Verdict refers to a child’s performance in the 1952 film Actor’s and Sin as “fingernails-on-a-blackboard grating”?