TGIF! Thank The Goddess It’s Friday! Finally! Yes, It’s Friday, LOL!

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Hmm, do we sound a little excited it is Friday? We found out it is going to warm up this weekend and we might actually have a chance at unthawing for a minute or two, lol! But seriously, we always try to keep you informed of internet issues that might effect you. So this is our public announcement for the week…….

Today on NBC it was reported that Yahoo’s email accounts had been hacked into. According to the News reports they hacked several millions of Yahoo emails. They were advising if you had an account to change your password immediately. To make sure you are at a legit Yahoo account, look for the confirmation box right under your password. You know the little box with the screwed up letters and numbers. As many times as I have to do them, I am surprised they haven’t thought I was a computer.  Back to the story, we have a Yahoo account and it doesn’t seem to have been effected. To be on the safe side,  I am planning on changing the password. If you have a Yahoo account, please check it when you have time today. And thus ends our PA for January 31st!

I hope everyone has a very fantastic Friday and a beautiful and blessed weekend,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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