Magickal Activity for the Fourth Day of January, the Day of Sacrifice to the 7 Stars – The Willow Wand

My Darkside

The Willow Wand

To make the wand: Cut a small branch from a Willow tree. Clean and sand the branch until it is smooth. Use silver paint to inscribe your name in a spiral pattern around the branch.

Use a smudge stick to consecrate your wand. Light the smudge, and pass the wand through its fragrant smoke. This will remove any negative thoughts or vibrations that might have been attached to the branch before you acquired it.

Once the branch has been cleansed you will need to bless it in Callisto’s honor. Place the wand on your altar or on a small table. Hold both of your hands over the wand and speak the following prayer:

Goddess of the Moon grant to me,
The Willows power of flesibility.
Through your love I shall be warmed.
And from this moment be transformed.

When you feel the need to be more flexible and accomodating, hold your wand and repeat the prayer.