Daily Chinese Horoscopes for May 30th


You will be the centre of attention in your family. Someone is finally going to notice that you have some pretty spiffy talents, and you will enjoy hearing their praise and admiration. You may receive a gift of artwork, music, or positive reinforcement.


Your intuition could lead you to an important new person who will make a dramatic impact on your life. One of your siblings or a neighbour could introduce you to a person, or to ideas that could enhance your life and improve your well being.


You may have a sudden insight about a friend or companion that could prove to be profoundly healing today. You may come up with an interesting and novel way to get more exercise together. Music could play an important role in your sense of well being today.


Expect the unexpected from your usual round of financial partners and advisors. There will be phone calls, letters and emails with good news and innovative ideas that you can take advantage of if you are prepared to act quickly and decisively today.


You may be considering moving or traveling because you have an idea there are greater opportunities in another place. Long moves, to another town, could be discussed with your loved ones or family members. There are definitely opportunities available, but you may need to do more research.


There will be more opportunities to make money today, but you may have to fight to get your ideas across at times. You may also find yourself discussing shared values or religious beliefs with a total stranger in a sudden “feel-good” moment.


If you are still single, you may not be for long! You have a nice little formation in your chart that will make you extremely attractive to potential partners. If you are already married, you and your partner will be making some spontaneous romance today.


You have an overwhelming urge to exercise or change your diet today, perhaps because of something you have seen on TV or read in your horoscope! But be aware it is best to make small changes, don’t leap into the pool to do 100 laps right off the bat.


You will soon be able to get out for a little fun. Even if you only set up a little impromptu game of catch in the parking lot at lunch, getting the blood circulating could prove to be a powerful motivator and mood lifter for everyone involved.


Home repair and improvements will be important topics of discussion today, especially expansions or changes caused by someone’s recent bout of ill-health. Your family will get together to bring the perfect solution into being – one that will solve more than one problem.


If you are looking for new information, the Internet is the best resource. You may have a hard time finding the exact details and items you are wanting, but it might be an enjoyable search. You will be learning new things that could open the way to new hobbies or pass-times.


Some unexpectedly good financial news could come about as a result of a friendship in the workplace. Cultivate relationships with VIPs, especially those of the opposite sex, and people who have innovative, unusual and expressive ways of thinking.