Running From the MoonCelebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Mother Shipton’s Day/St. Elmo’s Day

Running From the MoonJune 2

Mother Shipton’s Day/St. Elmo’s Day

Dedicated to Mother Shipton, this day still provokes centuries turies old controversy: Was Mother Shipton a gifted prophet or a child of the devil and, therefore, a Witch? According to the legend, Mother Shipton (Ursula Sontheil) was born in Knaresborough (Yorkshire) in 1488 and foretold many of the major events in English history. She eventually became the patron saint of working women, especially those of the lower classes employed in laundries and kitchens.


St. Elmo was a Syrian bishop and the patron tron saint of sailors. The electrical discharges-St. St. Elmo’s Fire-that flicker around ships during storms at this time of the year are believed to be a sign of his protection.