Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – The Day of Heimdall

March 24

The Day of Heimdall

This day celebrates the horn-sounding guardian God of the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla who, as Rig, was the progenitor of each of the different classes of traditional society. He was the God of orderliness and has been equated with the Archangel Gabriel—lord of the moon and patron of everything that grows upon the earth.


Prayer for the Angel Gabriel to Grant a Wish

In honor of Gabriel, light a violet votive candle and ask for something you need by saying:

In the name of the Great Creator of al that is, I call
upon Gabriel, guardian of the Moon, and all that
grows upon the Earth to grant me (state wish) this
special favor that I shall realize (repeat wish) for
the good of myself and to harm none.