A Little Humor For Your Day – A Song Just for You, ‘Loki Loves Me’

Loki Loves Me

Tune: “Jesus Loves Me”

Loki loves me this I know,
For last night he told me so.
Little minions march along,
Drive you crazy with this song.

Yes, Loki loves me
Yes, Loki loves me
Yes, Loki loves me
Last night he told me so

In the circle I did say
Loki send some luck my way
Great big smile all I did see
He said he’d come visit me

Monday morning, I woke up
Found piss in my coffee cup
Dung upon the kitchen floor
Slipped on it right through the door

Tuesday morning I arose
Found matchsticks between my toes
Loki’s smile was nice and bright
“Hey there bud, you got a light?”

Wednesday when I went to work
Loki in my office lurked
Heard my secretary scream
“Oh, my GOD that’s so obscene!”

Thursday morn, when I was gone
Loki mowed the neighbor’s lawn
Even though the job was free
I found out he’s sueing me

Friday when my grandma came
I though I would go insane
Found her tied up to my bed
Great big smile and damn near dead!

Saturday I went to lunch
With that same ol’ black tie bunch
Loki came with as my guest
Insulted most and f**ked the rest

Sunday morn, a peaceful dawn
I looked around, was Loki gone?
A note upon my kitchen door
Read “Buy more beer, I’ll go get Thor!”

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Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – July 29th, Feast of Thor

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 July 29th

Feast of Thor

Thor, the Norse God of Sky and Thunder, has rulership over those aspects of life most important to sailors, farmers, and the poorer classes. Thor is considered to be the God of right orderliness and the regulator and enforcer of oaths. According to legend, he was the common man’s God, a tireless eater, drinker, and fighter who was inclined toward mankind; even the slaves came under his protection. On this day, Thor would have been invoked to bring fertility to the flock and fields for an abundant harvest.