Daily Feng Shui Tip for Sept. 1 – ‘Emma M. Nutt’

Today celebrates the anniversary of the day that Emma M. Nutt began her thirty-three year career as the first female telephone operator. So it’s no surprise the today’s energies circulate around using your phone to your best benefit. Enact the following cure if you’d like your phone to start ringing with fortune, luck and exciting opportunities. Place your phone’s base/charger on a round or octagonal mirror that is slightly larger than the base itself. This mirror should be sitting on a piece of red cloth that is cut to the same shape and size as the mirror. Underneath the phone, place an image of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals in a circular design (you can download that image from any internet search engine). If you want a bigger bang then you might also tie nine pieces of nine-inch long ribbons on the cord of the phone or the cord that is plugged into the electrical outlet. You can even tie these ribbons on the cord that comes from the jack to the base of the phone. Either way, this powerful Feng Shui adjustment calls money, recognition and reward right to you, so get ready to answer!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com