Woooo! WiLd PeT oF tHe DaY fOr March 22

Puck, the Pet of the Day
Name: Puck
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black-headed Caique
Home: Ventura, California, USA
Here are some pictures of Puck. He is very expressive and an excellent communicator. He does talk a little human, but his main forms of communication are vocalizations, and body language. If he’s happy or excited, he lets you know. If he’s angry, he lets you know. If he’s sleepy, he makes his “bedtime noises.” If he’s feeling frisky, he also lets you know. There’s never a dull moment with this little guy!

His favorite pastimes include chewing on things he’s not supposed to, shredding tissues, hair styling, eating, staying up late, sleeping late, and snuggling. I have to be careful about leaving him unattended though. One time I left him alone for five seconds, and when I came back, two keys were missing from my keyboard, some stuff was knocked over, and he was in the process of climbing up my speaker cables like a little mountain climber. More recently, he destroyed my QWERTY keyboard on my phone; and even more recently, he decided that antique tables are just as fun to chip as wooden toys.

When I was shopping for a bird, I first met with another bird, who was totally sweet. Something just felt wrong though, so I didn’t take it. Next, I met Puck. He jumped into my arms and started making kissy sounds and wolf whistles. I took him home.

He keeps my on my toes, and brings me a lot of joy and companionship. Heloves meeting new people. He loves going everywhere with me, and everybody seems to love him. He also loves spending time outside. He has an outdoor cage to spend time in, and sometimes I let him play and climb around in edible plants. Lavender is one of his favorite bushes (he likes to chew up the flowers). He loves to go to parties and get attention from multiple people at once. On Thanksgiving, he had his own plate. On Halloween I rubbed raspberries on him to look like blood, and he went as a zombie. I even took him through a scary haunted house with me, which he seemed to enjoy. He’s tons of fun!