There are twelve signs of the zodiac; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

I am constantly being asked – during the course of  my workshops and seminars – to recommend an appropriate stone which corresponds to a particular birth sign.

In my experience the only accurate way in which to ascertain the correct birthstone  for any individual is for that person to visit a properly qualified astrologist and for a detailed chart to be constructed based on the person’s place of birth, date of birth and the exact time of birth.

Any other method is too vague and generalized; and most certainly cannot possibly be considered seriously!

A few years ago, to prove my theory, I carefully read as many books as I could lay  my hands on which contained information relating to the astrological use of gemstones.

From all the information available I then compiled my own comprehensive list, birthsign by birthsign, encompassing all the ‘recommended’ birthstones which each book suggested would be appropriate for each sign of the zodiac.

When my task was completed I discovered that every birth-sign had at least nine gemstones which, according to all the books, would be suitable for people being born under that particular sign of  the zodiac…..

However, using my own intuition, logic and a little common-sense, I managed to produce the following chart which I find useful as a guide (and a guide only!) when I am asked to recommend a particular gemstone for someone’s birth-sign:

– jasper, ruby

– rose quartz, lapis lazuli, carnelian, sapphire

– citrine, rock crystal, tigers eye, agate, rutile quartz.

– olivine, emerald, moonstone

– quartz crystal, diamond, agate

– carnelian, agate, jasper, sapphire

– emerald, aventurine, jade, sapphire

– garnet, bloodstone, ruby, jasper, beryl

– topaz, jacinth, obsidian snowflake

– smoky quartz, ruby, onyx, jet

– turquoise, malachite, aquamarine, moonstone

– amethyst, opal, moonstone

Whilst it is always acceptable to give a friend – or your loved one –  a birthstone  pendant or necklace, please remember that the stones that will work best for you – or your friends – are the ones whose ‘vibrational energies’ are most closely compatible with the person who is going to wear it!