Your Daily Planet Tracker: Mars in Gemini, May 11 to June 24, 2015


Mars in Gemini

Mental energy starts to gain traction with the Warrior planet in the sign of the Twins


t’s time to use your head, walk your talk and make that bright idea happen! That’s because when Mars, the planet of assertive energy is in the cerebral sign Gemini, there is absolutely no stopping your mind.

With Mars in Gemini from May 11 to June 24, 2015, you’ll be motivated by new ideas. You’ll have all the passion necessary to pursue the execution of them. You’ll also communicate courageously and pursue a variety of intellectually stimulating projects. There’s little chance that you’ll feel bored over the next several weeks with this much activity bubbling inside your brain. Your body might also begin to feel a little bit more like an instrument. You may notice that you fidget more, pace or talk with your hands. Agility will be enhanced as well so have a go at any type of sport that combines the use of your body and mind together — you’ll definitely excel!

No dead ends

With Mars in Gemini you’ll fight for what you believe in … but not in an overly emotional way. You’ll be far more logical in your pursuit of what’s important to you now. You’ll also have a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to how you go after what you want. If Plan A doesn’t work out — it’s no problem. You’ll quickly come up with a Plan B, C and even D.

Curiosity will be your driving force now that Mars is in Gemini and this tendency is likely to extend to the bedroom. Remember, Mars is the planet of desire and sex. Now, the greatest erogenous zone becomes the brain and you simply must have stimulation in your head before it goes anywhere else. Share scintillating conversation with a potential lover and before you know it, you might end up sharing a bed!

See things to the finish line

You may feel more scattered and unfocused while Mars is in Gemini because so much will interest you. Be careful that you don’t begin tons of projects now only to leave them unfinished. This can leave you exhausted and more than a little bit frustrated at yourself so take care not to fall into this trap. Also, with Mars in Gemini, you’ll have a strengthened ability to communicate. But watch out … when you’re angry you’ll also have an indomitable capacity to use your words as a weapon. Ouch!

Mars will tour Gemini approximately once every two years, but this time around there are a couple of unique aspects that Mars will make to the rest of the sky to consider. is a Daily Insight Group Site