Calendar of the Sun for December 13th

Calendar of the Sun

13 Yulmonath

Lucia’s Day

Color: White
Elements: Air and Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of white set many candles, as yet unlit. In the morning, one who has been chosen to wear the crown of Lucia must get up early and go forth, bringing some sweet thing to the bedside of each person, while wearing the crown of lit candles on their head. As people enter for the ritual, they stand before the altar wearing the crown.
Offerings: Bring light to someone’s life.
Daily Meal: Sweet pastries of various sorts.

Lucia Invocation

(The call and response is called by the one wearing the Lucia crown.)

Call: The Light-Bringer comes as the days grow shorter!
Response: The Light-Bringer comes as the darkness encroaches.
Call: It will be many days before we see the light begin to grow…
Response: And many days before the Sun’s warmth wakes the Earth.
Call: So now I will give you light to keep the dark from the soul!
Response: We will hold it as a spark, close to our hearts.
Call: Hold it in your hands, hold it in your souls.
Response: We will hold and shelter it, and it shall kindle our hope.
Call: Kindle those hopes as the winter winds howl!
Response: We will kindle the bonfires of the darkest day.
Call: Save the spark and light up the longest night to come!
Response: We will reflect all the stars in the sky.
Call: Carry the light in your eyes…
Response: That it might light whatever we see.
Call: Carry the light in your minds…
Response: That we may not succumb to the inner shadows.
Call: Carry the light in your hearts…
Response: That we shall find joy even in the low and the little.
Call: Carry the light for me…
Response: That we shall find our way through to the spring.

(All come forth and take candles from the altar, and light them from the crown of candles, and hold them while chanting. Then, after the chanting, each candle is taken out to place beside the bed of the person holding it, to be lit whenever they need it.)

Chant: Lucia Lucia Lucia Lumen


[Pagan Book of Hours]