White Witchcraft Magic: What It Is and Isn’t

White Witchcraft Magic: What It Is and Isn’t
by Torin W.


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It should be noted at the outset that Magic, like all forms energy, is morally neutral in its nature, i.e. neither good nor bad. The descriptive terms ‘White’ and ‘Black’ are used to decribe actions which work toward good or bad ends respectively. An example of White Magickal action is helping a sick person to become well again so that he may continue to provide love and sustenance to his family. An example of a Black Magickal action is helping a sick person so that he may continue to steal items for you to have. Magical power, regardless of what is done with it, all comes from the same source. The source of Magical power is Divinity – in its many forms. My hope is for everyone who reads this information to learn and to follow a life path of White Magic. If this is you, I want to say Merry Meet, congratulations, and I love you. For those who decide to go the route of Black Magic I want to say that I love you dearly. Without those who walk the path of Black Magic it would be far more difficult for me to see where I don’t want to be with my life.

Blessed Be!

I. White Magic

I can best describe White magic like this:

-It is not a conduit for power over others, but rather a way to focus power for the benefit of all;

-It is not parlor tricks with which to amuse yourself or others, it does many amazing things every day – we merely have to become aware of them by not taking the ‘small’ miracles for granted;

-It is not necessarily full of pomp and ceremony with rhyming incantations, dancing, cauldrons, and bonfires but it can be if the time, people and place are right;

-It is a circular path of never-ending learning, teaching, and re-learning;

-It is not infinite power, but it is a way of tapping into that power;

-It requires a clear mind to learn the lessons;

-It requires a light heart to love those who do not seem to love themselves;

-Most of all, it requires an awakened developed soul which wants to strive forward.

The path of the White magician is extremely narrow, often tediously slow and painstaking. However the reward for taking the White path is always worth the effort.

Magic is a means of tapping into the infinite of The Deities and making a direct effect upon the physical and metaphysical worlds to make a change in one or both in accordance with The Way. When it comes right down to it, magic is nothing more than prayer. The differences between pagan prayer and non-pagan prayer are:

1) the prayer ritual is usually done outside in a natural setting rather than a building;
2) the worshipper uses many tools, often of his/her own making, to help concentrate the power of the prayer;
3) whle praying to pagan deities, the worshipper often has the physical presence of those deities with him/her as opposed to praying to a god in some far away place.

The solitary practioner (a.k.a. hedge witch) is often equally if not more ‘powerful’ than the practioner who looks to another for spiritual guidance (i.e. a coven). This is because no other person knows what you find to be true better than you. This means that in order to work the highest of magics one must look inward.

The Price of the White Path vs. the Black Path

Like all things worth while in life, there is a price to be paid for living the White magic path. However instead of paying with money, we pay with time, care, loving, and hard work. The greater the personal gain, the greater the price we pay. The difference between the White path and the Black path is when the debt is paid. The debts of White magic are paid up front… C.O.D. if you will. We may labor for months or even years to develop our talents to their maximum potential in those areas where we as individuals desire to excel. The White magician may work hard to achieve great monetary wealth, happiness and tranquility at home, advanced scholastic degrees, etc. So long as The Law is not broken, there can be nearly boundless prosperity. The White magic way to these things is through fair play, honesty, and hard work. The Black path offers pretty much the same benefits, the difference is that the karmic price may be put off until a later date. As with any other installment plan – there is interest to be paid in addition to the principle. One of my closest friends is now a traveler of the White path who spent a full 10 years paying the karmic debts he had accumulated during his sojourn down the Black path. At one point my friend had wealth, women, and all the drugs he could pump into his system. He also had more magical power than anyone else he knew. All of this had been gained through a voluntary participation in Black magic. After years of living this way his eyes were opened to what he had done. He finally realized all of the harm which he had brought into his life and the lives of those around him through lying, cheating, and hurting whenever possible. Fortunately for my friend (and me!) he took responsibility for his debt and labored a full decade to return to the White path. He is now honest, clean, and much wiser for his mistake.

Merry Part and Blessed Be!

Torin W. athame@flash.net
What you do today may come back to haunt you many many years from now.Merry Part and Blessed Be!