Astrology of Today – August 15, 2015








Astrology of Today – August 15, 2015



Retrograde Venus and the Sun align in the sign of Leo today, and we symbolically begin anew when it comes to our relationships and values. This is a time for redefining what we want and need, particularly from relationships but also material affairs and goals.

  • The Moon is in Leo until 3:45 AM.
  • The Moon is void from 12:36 AM to 3:45 AM.
  • The Moon is in Virgo from 3:45 AM forward (until Monday, August 17th, at 4:22 PM).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its New Moon phase.
  • A New Moon occurred yesterday and a First Quarter Moon will occur on the 22nd.
  • Venus is retrograde (Venus is retrograde from July 25-September 6).




Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, July 25th





Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, July 25th



Venus turning retrograde today launches a six-week cycle that can find you reviewing, reassessing, and possibly experimenting with your social and love life, dear Aries. Work matters might be on the tricky side until the 31st. Review of health programs or work projects may be necessary now, particularly in terms of your enjoyment factor. There may be some lack of clarity in a romantic relationship. A mysterious backwards-looking energy is with you on a romantic level. It’s a period of fateful events and encounters. Your powers of attraction are high, but your love life may be complex. While reminiscing about the past is just fine and in fact helpful right now, try not to get stuck there. On the job, it’s time to show yourself what you’re worth – the focus should be on making yourself happy. Get in touch with what truly matters to you. Your more impulsive and reckless traits are likely to be stimulated this morning with a Mars-Uranus square. Something on the domestic front might get you irritated today, and your impatience doesn’t help. Energy, though stop and go, might be harnessed to do something creative or productive, and if you manage to do so, you could move mountains right now. Watch for rebellious or rash moves. Perceptions are a bit skewed today and tomorrow.



Venus turns retrograde today, and will remain retrograde until September 6th, dear Taurus. You will be looking at creative projects, romantic matters, relationships with your children, and home or family matters in new ways, perhaps critically at times. It’s not about putting creative ideas on hold, it’s about refining them before pushing forward. This can also be true of romantic relationships. Past loves may reappear, possibly in the flesh, or you could be a little hung up on them emotionally. A current romantic interest may be difficult to read. You may discover that you have been undervaluing or overvaluing someone during this cycle. There may be some comfort issues to deal with around the home. On a psychological level, too, you could experience some lack of support from family members during this cycle. The trick is to learn how to more confidently rely on yourself during leaner times. This morning, a Mars-Uranus square can tempt you to take shortcuts, but instead of saving time, it could cost you some. Don’t let impatience rule. Recent unresolved matters may be at the heart of stressed or impatient behavior today.



Relations can be on the tricky side today, dear Gemini, with Venus beginning its six-week long retrograde cycle. Social graces may not be up to par, and it’s important to avoid taking social faux pas too seriously. This cycle can find you strolling down memory lane frequently. Until the 31st, you may be dealing with uncomfortable conditions in the home or with family, or you could be revisiting old personal or domestic problems. For the remainder of the retrograde cycle, communications and your daily life are up for review. You may be thinking about, analyzing, or talking about old relationships and matters, perhaps feeling a little stuck in the past. In fact, you can learn a lot about what you want, who you love, and what you value during this retrograde, but important, big decisions should probably wait until later. This morning’s Mars-Uranus square can stimulate restlessness. Impatience can lead to impulsiveness today, especially with money, but it can also get you worked up about a differing concept or value that someone is expressing. You may need to deal with consequences of poor decisions today, so keep your wits about you.



Venus turns retrograde today, dear Cancer, and during this six-week cycle, you’ll do well to review the past in order to better understand your needs and values. You are looking at matters differently, especially related to finances, possessions, comfort issues, and love relationships. It’s probably better to avoid making important, life-changing decisions until you’ve digested everything. You might have important conversations about the past and possibly love during this time. You might be learning to live leaner. It’s an excellent period for reviewing finances and collecting financial information, as well as re-budgeting, but not ideal for buying new big-ticket items. If you are good at spotting deals, however, you could find some unusually good ones. A Mars-Uranus square this morning can put you in reaction mode, especially if you feel restricted or overruled. Your own independence could get you some negative attention today. Act from your heart rather than in reaction to others.



Venus turns retrograde today, launching a six-week cycle that turns love and financial matters around for review. This retrograde begins in the sign of Virgo, but returns to your sign, dear Leo, on the 31st where it remains for the remainder of the retrograde. While you may not always feel confident and certain about your feelings during this cycle, it’s an excellent period for considering how your approach to attracting what you want has served you in the past. It can be an important time for making adjustments to your personal behavior and manner. Taking extra time to figure out what it is you want is natural now, and anyone foolish enough to pressure you will not get very far! This morning, with a Mars-Uranus square, you may get all fired up over something, possibly a past or buried issue, but outlets for expressing your frustration can be limited. Differences of opinion can seem like blocks right now, but you’ll be much better off if you find ways to work through frustration before making a stand. Get to the heart of your impatience. Uranus will station retrograde tomorrow.



Venus has been in your sign for only a week, dear Virgo, and may have already brought you some pleasant attention and perhaps a few admirers. Today, Venus turns retrograde. This cycle lasts until September 6th, and while you will still attract others magnetically until the 31st when Venus moves back into your privacy zone, you could be a little withdrawn and hesitant about pushing forward in matters of the heart. Your love life is bound to become a little complicated and perhaps fateful. It’s a strong period for getting in touch with your needs from love, as well as the way in which you present yourself to others. This can be a time when you have a change of heart as you look at matters in a different way. Complicated love relationships may be an issue in the coming weeks. It can be a good time to put a difficult attachment behind you once and for all. This morning’s Mars-Uranus square can be a little problematic, especially with Uranus nearing a retrograde station. There can be a conflict involving a friend or associate revolving around matters of give and take. It’s probably not best to push things right now, as you’re likely to come up against a brick wall. Confusing interactions complicate matters considerably. Keep your cool now, even if provoked. It’s better to observe than take definite action at the moment.



Romantic matters are on the complicated side for you these days, and some of you might be tempted to bury your feelings in order to concentrate on other areas of life, dear Libra. Some of you will feel the need to keep your deeper feelings private. Dealing with past relationships, love triangles, or sacrifices made for a lover can figure strongly in your life now and in the coming weeks with a six-week Venus retrograde cycle beginning today. Your love life may be complex during this cycle, and you should watch for secrets surfacing that make you rethink current plans. Friendships can enter tricky, complicated territory later in the cycle. Resurfacing of issues and possibly even people from the past may figure strongly. Uranus is about to turn retrograde as well, and a square with Mars today can stimulate provocative energy. It’s your “job” to keep a handle on your own emotions, as it can be just as easy for others to hit a nerve with you as it can be to hit theirs. Unresolved tension can build, but you might discover a creative or physical outlet for it.



The ruler of your partnership sector, Venus, turns retrograde today, launching a six-week cycle that turns your attention to the past as well as to some of your unacknowledged inner needs, wants, and desires, dear Scorpio. Some of you could be experimenting with your social or love life. Friends may not be as forthcoming in the coming week, and you may need to approach acquaintances with more sensitivity. For the remaining five weeks of the retrograde period, partnerships, finances, and career matters can be areas that require a second look. Don’t waste your time trying to come to a decision about a relationship matter that is not yet ready to be resolved. Let things flow and observe how things are unfolding. Uranus is also coming to a retrograde station, and this morning’s Mars-Uranus square can have a little more impact than it normally does. You could have little patience when it comes to work or the sheer number of “little things” that you need to do today. You may be tempted to take shortcuts that could end up costing you more in the long run. If you can manage it, try to work independently or in a setting in which you can set your own pace, as others’ slowness can frustrate you now.



Sensitivity is important today as we can be a little on edge, dear Sagittarius, with both Venus and Uranus coming to a station. The Venus retrograde cycle that begins today can affect your professional goals or reputation for the first week, as you may be returning to old problems or dealing with resurfacing problems. The remaining five weeks, Venus will reverse into your adventure sector, and while some of your plans may require redoing or rethinking, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see things in a different way and this can work to your advantage in the long run. This can also be a time when you’re processing recent events and you are catching up with your feelings on these matters. This morning, emotional restlessness can tempt you to take unnecessary risks, with money or with people. Haste truly makes waste today, so aim to take it easy. Listen to your heart rather than to others who may not be expressing themselves very pleasantly. Also keep in mind that all is not as it appears today, particularly when it comes to career matters and friendships.



Venus stations and turns retrograde today, dear Capricorn. Retrograde Venus will spend its first of six weeks in your adventure sector, and the remaining five in your intimacy sector. Your attention can turn to the past as you do some catching up with your feelings about your relationships, attachments, finances, hobbies, and pet projects. Review, revise, and redo if necessary. Most importantly, as you come at these matters from a different angle, get in touch with what it is you truly value and enjoy. Try to leave important deal-signing for a later date. Uranus is also coming to a station and Mars is in challenging relationship to Uranus this morning. You could be dealing with moody, stubborn, or difficult personalities now, especially when it comes to those closest to you. Crankiness tends to come from inner restlessness and a desire to break free from restrictive circumstances, so give everyone the space they need, and moods will settle.



With Venus now retrograde, it’s time to review the past and to avoid making important, life-changing decisions until you’ve digested everything, dear Aquarius. This six-week cycle is about playing catch-up with your feelings, needs, wants, and values. This is not a time for making strong, definite decisions, but rather for considering problems from different angles and perspectives. This Venus retrograde cycle lasts until September 6th, and for you, reassessing relationship and intimacy needs can figure strongly. Your ruler, Uranus, is also coming to a retrograde station tomorrow, and is challenged by Mars today. This influence can have you feeling pressured. Avoid hasty moves and shortcuts, particularly when it comes to work, paperwork, communications, and transportation. While the retrograde cycles of both Venus and Uranus should be rewarding on many levels, their stations today and tomorrow can be a little disorienting as you adjust to the changes of direction, and perceptions can be a little skewed.



Venus turning retrograde today launches a six-week cycle in which you are getting into better touch with your feelings, sensibilities, tastes, and values, dear Pisces. You are given a chance to catch up with those matters that you’ve overlooked, brushed aside, or simply were too busy to deal with. You may be looking at partnerships, relationships, your work, or your health and daily routines in a different light. Questions of whether you are enjoying yourself enough can be called up now. This morning, a Mars-Uranus square can have a stronger influence than usual with Uranus also approaching a retrograde station. Do your best to avoid risk-taking with money. You might work up the nerve to take an emotional risk with a love matter, but it’s probably better to wait for a less volatile time to express yourself. There can be difficulty seeing things clearly today, and our judgment may be slightly impaired.