Life As The Witch – How to Find A Mantra That Fits You



How to Find A Mantra That Fits You

Sit in a comfortable position. Picture yourself leaving your body and traveling up to the Cosmos.

See yourself sitting calmly in the center of the Universe. Concentrate on the stars, then after a few minutes of gazing at them, a few of the stars will glow a bright baby blue.

Concentrate on one bright blue star at a time. As you gaze at that particular star, you may hear a phrase or word whispered in your head. Repeat what you hear and focus inward. If the mantra is right for you, you will know it within. If it is not right for you, simply gaze at another blue star and repeat this until you find a mantra that fits you.

After you find a mantra, thank the Universe and feel yourself slowly descending from the sky, back into your body.

When you open your eyes, you might feel a little tired or drained. You might find that drinking a nice cold cup of juice re-energizes your body. You might also wish to have a small snack. Milk and juice are ideal for recharging yourself.