Your Weekend Love Horoscope for April 11 – 13

Weekend Love Horoscope

April 11-13: Loving the Perfect Imperfections

Maria DeSimoneMaria DeSimone on the topics of love, horoscopes, astrology

Romance will surely be heightened this weekend, thanks to a hypnotic link between Venus and Neptune. When together, these two planets see the very best in each other. In terms of love, we’re talking soul mate connections, and fairy tale bliss.

What makes this weekend even more interesting, however, is that on Friday and Saturday the Moon will also be in discerning Virgo. Usually not a romantic placement at all, Virgo will criticize and pick at flaws in a lover. Virgo notices what’s wrong and seldom overlooks it. In fact, he may harp on it until it kills the romance altogether.

But with this weekend’s Venus-Neptune infusion, there may be a different affect altogether. You’ll be able to spot your sweetheart’s blemishes, but instead of getting grossed out, you’ll love him or her even more because of them.

On Sunday, the Moon enters partnership-oriented Libra, adding even more sweetness to your capacity to relate this weekend. Enjoy!