The Pagan Calendar for Friday, December 25th

Winter Animals-1The Pagan Calendar for Friday, December 25th

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (‘the birthday of the unconquered sun’) (Roman) – The title Sol Invictus had been applied to a number of solar deities. Many Oriental cults were practised informally among the Roman legions from the mid-second century, but only that of Sol Invictus was officially accepted. Sol Invictus was identified with the earlier Roman sun god Sol. This is the traditional birth date of sun gods and gods with solar attributes such as Pryderi, Frey, Saturn, Dionysus, Adonis, Attis, Tammuz, Baalim, Quetzalcoatl, Mithra and Zeus.

Juvenalia – After the Saturnalia, the Romans celebrated the birth of new life with a festival honouring children, who were given talisman (like bells, shoes, warm clothese and toys) for good luck in the coming year.

Saint Anastasia’s Day – Yet another Christian virgin whose chastity was threatened by a Roman Pagan. This time the Roman prefect thought he was embracing Anastasia, when in face he was making love to the cooking pots and kitchen utensils. When he emerged from his imaginary amorous encounter he was covered with soot, and his servants thought him a demon, and chased him away with blows.

Anna Franklin, Yule (The Eight Sabbats)

Calendar of the Sun for December 25th

Calendar of the Sun

25 Yulmonath


Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red place swords, spears, shields, five red candles, a chalice of wine, and the figure of a sun.
Offerings: Beef and wine.
Daily Meal: Beef and wine.

Invocation to Mithras

Hail Mithras, The Unconquered Sun!
Hail to you whose birthday we celebrate
On this your ancient holiday!
Son of Anahita the pure virgin mother,
You who appeared in a golden glow
On the peak of the Hara Berezaiti,
Saxigenus, born from the stone of the Earth,
Striking fire from the stones,
Bringing the stars like sparks to the dome of the heavens.
Saturn held out to you the dagger of death
And you slew the Great Bull, bathed in his blood,
And so purified the world below.
Witnessed by Oceanus and Caeulus,
Witnessed by Cautes and Cautopates,
Torchbearer, Light-Bringer,
Warrior and Soldier who blesses the troops,
Bright Sun and Black Raven,
Consecrated in the Taurobolium,
Creator of the Mysteries of your Name,
Running in the wake of the Sun Chariot,
Mithras, Unconquered Sun, bless us
With brightness in this time of the dark.

Chant: Genitor Luminis
Deus Genitor Rupe Natus
Transitus Dei

Song: Hymn to Mithras


[Pagan Book of Hours]