The Witches Almanac for Tuesday, March 1

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The Witches Almanac for Tuesday, March 1

Tuesday (Mars): Passion, sex, courage, aggression, and protection.

Matronalia (Roman)

Waning Moon
The Waning Moon (from the Full Moon to the New) is a time for study, meditation, and little magical work (except magic designed to banish harmful energies).

Fourth Quarter 6: 11 pm

Moon Sign: Sagittarius
Sagittarius: Encourages flights of imagination and confidence. This is an adventurous, philosophical, and athletic Moon sign. Favors expansion and growth.

Incense: Cinnamon

Color: Maroon

The Pagan Calendar for February 20 to March 19th, The Month of Moura


February 20- March 19

20– Day of Tacita (Roman)
21– Feralia (Roman)
22– Concordia, Carista (Roman)
23– Terminalia (Roman God of Boundaries)
24– Shiva(Hindu God of Destruction and Renewal)
26– Pentagram Night
27– Runic Half Month of Tyr(cosmic pillar) Begins
28– Zamyaz(Ancient Percian Diety), Earth Goddesses: Ceres, Demeter, Gaia, Ge, Mauri
1– Juno Lucina, Granny March(Bulgarian Witch-Goddess), Matronalia, Roman New Year
2– Ceadda(God of Healing Springs and Sacred Wells)
3– Aegir(Teutonic God of the Sea), All Triple Goddesses)
4– Feast of Rhiannon(Celtic/Welsh Mother Goddess), Anthesteria
5– Navigium Isis, Blessing of the Vessel by Isis
6– Mars, All Roman Household Gods
7– Junonalia
8– Mother Earth Day Festival
11– Herakles(Hercules)
12– Martyrdom of Hypatia(the Divine Pagan)
14– Runic Half Month of Beorc(birch tree) Begins, Goddess of the Birch Tree, Ua, Zit(Egyptian Serpent-Goddess)
15– Rhea(Greek Earth Goddess), Festival of Attis and Cybele
16– Dionysus, Bacchus, Holika(Indian Demon-Goddess)
17– Bacchus, Dionysus, Festival of Astarte
18– Celtic Tree Month of Fearn(alder) Begins, Sheela-Na-Gig(Irish Fertility Goddess)
19– Eyvind Kinnrifi(One of Odin’s martyrs), Birth of Athena/Minerva, Sitala(Indian Goddess)