The Witches Magickal Correspondence for Wednesday, October 16th


The Witches Magickal Correspondence for Wednesday, October 16th

Magickal Intentions: Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear, Loss, Travel and Money Matters
Incense: Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea
Planet: Mercury and Chiron (though this is a moon of Pluto)
Sign: Virgo
Angel: Raphael
Colors: Orange, Light Blue, Grey, Yellow and Violet
Herbs/Plants: Fern, Lavender, Hazel, Cherry, Periwinkle
Stones: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite
Oil: (Mercury) Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Lavender

This day is governed by Mercury. Wednesday’s vibration adds power to rituals involving inspiration, communications, writers, poets, the written and spoken word, and all matters of study, learning, and teaching. This day also provides a good time to begin efforts involving self-improvement or understanding.

The Witches Magickal Correspondence for Tuesday, October 15th


The Witches Magickal Correspondence for Tuesday, October 15th

Magickal Intentions: Courage, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness
Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli
Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Angel: Samuel
Colors: Red and Orange
Herbs/Plants: Red Rose, Cock’s Comb, Pine, Daisy, Thyme and Pepper
Stones: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline
Oil: (Mars) Basil, Coriander, Ginger

Mars rules Tuesday. The energies of this day best harmonize with efforts of masculine vibration, such as conflict, physical endurance and strength, lust, hunting, sports, and all types of competition. Use them, too, for rituals involving surgical procedures or political ventures.

The Witches Magickal Correspondence for Monday, Oct. 14th


The Witches Magickal Correspondence for Monday, Oct. 14th

Magickal Intentions: Psychic Sensitivity, Women’s Mysteries, Tides, Waters, Emotional Issues, Agriculture, Animals, Female Fertility, Messages, Theft, Reconciliations, Voyages, Dreams and Merchandise
Incense: African Violet, Honeysuckle, Myrtle, Willow, Wormwood
Planet: Moon
Sign: Cancer
Angel: Gabriel
Colors: Silver, White and Gray
Herbs/Plants: Night Flowers, Willow Root, Orris Root, Birch, Motherwort, Vervain, White Rose and White Iris
Stones: Carnelian, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Geodes
Oil: (Moon) Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood

Monday belongs to the Moon. Monday’s energy best aligns itself with efforts that deal with women, home and hearth, the family, the garden, travel, and medicine. It also boosts rituals involving psychic development and prophetic dreaming.

Magickal Correspondence for Thursday, July 12

Magickal Correspondence for Thursday, July 12th

Thursday Is Ruled By Jupiter

Archangel:  Sachiel

Candle color:  Blue

Incenses:  Sandalwood or sage

Crystals:  Lapis lazuli or turquoise

Use Thursdays for spells for career, justice, prosperity, leadership, creativity, marriage and all partnerships, whether love or business, and for male potency.

Where possible, work on a hillside, moorland or near a natural sacred site.

Magickal Correspondence for Tuesday, July 10th

Magickal Correspondence for Tuesday, July 10th

Each day is ruled by a planet, whose influence takes on great importance in Magick rituals and spells. This is the most straightforward way of organizing the times in which to practice your Magick.


Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars

Archangel:  Samael

Candle color:  Red

Incenses:  Dragon’s blood or cinnamon

Crystals:  Jasper or garnet

Use Tuesdays for spells for courage, change, independence in home or business life, for overcoming seemingly impossible odds and for passion.

Where possible work near a fire or bonfire or with a huge red beeswax candle as a focus; alternatively work next to a flowerbed or large vase of red, orange and yellow flowers.

Your Magickal Correspondence for Monday, July 9th

Your Magickal Correspondence for Monday, July 9th

Monday Is Ruled By The Moon

Archangel:  Gabriel

Candle Colour:  Silver

Incenses:  Jasmine or Myrrh

Crystals:  Moonstone or Opal

Use Mondays for spells for fertility, protection especially while traveling for home and family and to increase psychic and healing powers.

Where possible, work close to any water and, as a bonus, by moonlight.

Magickal Correspondence for Summer Solstice 2012

Your Magickal Correspondence for Summer Solstice 2012

Incense – Frankincense, myrrh, rose, pine, vanilla, lemon

Herbs and plants – Lavender, carnation, chamomile, mugwort, honeysuckle, oak, fern, yarrow, wild thyme, daisy, sage, mint, heather, St. John’s Wort, pine, rose

Gemstones – Lapis Lazuli, diamonds, all green gemstones, especially emeralds

Traditional foods – Seasonal fruits and vegetables, corn cakes, honey cakes, honey. Other foods depend on a person’s tradition or individual tastes.

Deities – Mother aspect of the Goddess such as Isis, Athena, Brigid, Epona, Juno, Freya and Hestia.  Consort aspect of the God such as Mercury, Thor, Ra, Zeus and Apollo.

Colors – Yellow, gold, orange, blue, green and red