Tuesday’s Perfect Corresponding Spell – The “Enchanted Evening” Elemental Spell

The “Enchanted Evening” Elemental Spell

Looking to put a little passion back into your love life? How do you feel about working with the four elements and Lilith, our goddess of power and passion? There are times when even the most loving relationship needs a little oomph. So, if you simply want to spice things up with your partner in the bedroom, well, hey, Lilith’s your best bet! But be careful; she has a wicked sense of humor. Calling on Lilith for some extra spark or desire works very well, and you may feel like you have a magickal hangover in the morning. A small price to pay … just don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Let’s get all of your senses involved. This spell is a sensual and sensory experience. To represent the four elements in this spell, light a few black or red candles to represent sent the element of fire. Burn dragon’s blood incense to represent the element of air. To symbolize water, open a bottle of red wine and drink from the same cup as your partner. Finally, sprinkle the sheets with some crimson-colored rose petals to represent the element of earth.

And at the risk of sounding like a mom, while you’re setting this stage for loving seduction, don’t forget to practice safe sex! Ask for Lilith’s blessings by using the following invocation:

Lilith, dark goddess, teach me to love, laugh and be wise
Aid me in my witchery as you sail through the skies
By the natural magick of air, water, earth and fire
I manifest the gifts of love, seduction and desire
By the elements four, this spell is now begun
As I will, so shall it be, and let it harm none.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan


Daily OM for February 14th – A Gift of the Heart

A Gift of the Heart
Letting People Know You Love Them

by Madisyn Taylor

If you love someone, let them know.

It’s easy to take our feelings for granted and to assume that the people we care about know how we feel about them. But while those we love are often quite cognizant of our feelings, saying “I love you is a gift we should give to our loved ones whenever we can. Letting people know you love them is an important part of nurturing any kind of loving relationship. Few people tire of being told they are loved, and saying “I love you can make a world of difference in someone’s life, take a relationship to a new level, or reaffirm and strengthen a steady bond. Everyone needs to hear the words “I love you. Three simple words I – Love – You. When you declare your love for someone you admit to them that you care for them in the most significant way.

It can be difficult to express your love using words, particularly if you grew up around people that never expressed their affection verbally. But you should never be afraid to say “I love you or worry that doing so will thrust you into a position of excessive vulnerability. It is important to share your feelings with those that matter to you. Part of the fulfillment that comes with loving someone is telling them that you love them. Besides, love exists to be expressed, not withheld.

If you love someone, let them know. Don’t be afraid of the strength of your emotions or worry that your loved one won’t feel the same way. Besides, the words “I love you are often best said to another without expectation of a return investment. As each one of us is filled with an abundance of love, there is never any worry that you’ll run out of love if your expression of love isn’t said back to you. Saying “I love you is a gift of the heart sent directly via words to the heart of a recipient. Even though it may not always look that way, love from the heart is an offering that is always unconditional and given without strings attached. That is the true essence of the gift of “I love you.”

The Daily OM

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