Dragons and Their Interaction With Humans

Dragons and Their Interaction With Humans

Today true practical dragon magick and power are almost a forgotten art in the world of magick. Generally speaking, only those practitioners and believers in the Faerie Tradition speak of the existence and validity of dragons. Few people know of the joy and companionship and spiritual knowledge that come from dancing with dragons. Dancing with dragons takes cooperation, not master-slave relationships: it takes great self-discipline to reach into another level of existence and contact a dragon as a co-magician.

It has been my experience that, although dragons have form and existence, they do not exist in this physical world as we do. Dragons inhabit the astral plane which co-exists with and interpenetrates this physical plane. Astral beings are as real as we are; they just have a body that vibrates at a different rate than physical matter does.

Dragons can be everywhere and, in a matter of speaking, in all things. Every elemental action and reaction has the possibility of being an extension of a dragon and its power. This is not to suggest that dragons go about controlling people and incidents. usually they take little note of ordinary humans, deeming them beneath their notice.. There are two reasons a dragon might become involved with humans and their problems. First, if there appears to be an immediate danger to the dragon’s area itself. Second, if a magician knows how to properly contact and communicate with dragon power, and if she/he can persuade the dragon to help.

The only exception I know to this are dragons talking with children. Some dragons take a delight in communicating with small children, particularly those who have psychic ability. Unfortunately, parents and society take a dim view of such ability, hedging it about with so much disfavor that most children stop using it.

One of my grandsons, when quite small, saw dragons all the time. He described them to me in great and accurate detail, although I had never discussed them with him. When he finally realized that this made his mother very angry he shut off the ability. The programming may be effective enough to keep him from re-opening and exploring his early friendship with dragons while he lives at home, but the desire is still there. When he visits us, the first place he goes is to the bookcase full of dragon statues. He is very quiet and intent while he looks over every single one, although he is familiar with them all. I leave him to his silent contemplation as I realize it is a form of communication between him and his “lost” dragon friends. Someday, if and when he feels strong enough to dispense with his subconscious programming, he may decide that acknowledging the existence of dragons is not wrong.

On rare occasion an astral being, such as a dragon, will manifest itself so clearly on the physical that people see it with the physical eyes. It is my opinion that some of the so-called monsters, such as those of Loch Ness, are astral beings. Nessie is possibily a kind astral sea dragon. For this reason I do not expect that there will ever be any hard physical evidence, the kind scientists can put under a microscope or dissect, produced to validate Nessie’s existence.

Carl Sagan, in “The Dragons of Eden,” spent a lot of time and paper trying to discredit dragon stories around the world. His narrow-minded, tedious explanations tried to convince the public that the stories of dragons came from racial memories of dinosaurs. But then more than a few scientists, unless they can capture and dissect something, are not about to admit they do not know everything about this world and its creatures, let alone admit that there might be other planes of existence that interact with ours.

There is not only one way to see and work with dragons. There are many magickal systems in the world, and they each tend to look at dragons in their own way. Some systems think of them as elemental energies without independent existence. Others think of them as symbolic, again having no true existence. It has been my experience that dragons are real creatures who come and go from the astral plane as they please. I have seen them, heard them and felt their power. After working with dragons in ritual, I leave it to you to form your own opinion.

Dancing With Dragons

D. J. Conway