Aspects of the Moon In Scorpio

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Aspects of the Moon In Scorpio


General: Loyalty, ownership (but watch out for suspicion and anger), matters requiring insight, increasing your libido or to attract passionate love (be careful though as relationships with a Scorpio influence are likely to be transformational and not always predictable!), healing of the mind and emotions, scrying, concentration, single mindedness, rebirth, transformation, wisdom, karma and instinct.

Watch out for secrets, lies, jealousy, and suspicion, lack of forgiveness, grudges and hate.

New Moon: Power, transformation, karma, instincts, clarity, wisdom, stop gossip, emotions, endings, death, rebirth and past life work.

Full Moon: Energy, resources and transformation.

Element: Water.

Colours: Deep red.

Incense: Basil, sage, catnip, coriander, sandalwood, thyme, nettle.

Scorpio Incense Blend: Equal parts of sandalwood, thyme and sage with a few drops of coriander essential oil.



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Rachel Patterson