The Aspects of the Moon in Pisces

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The Aspects of the Moon in Pisces


General: Spiritual and psychic matters (but guard against confusion and deception), creativity, the arts, care, compassion, peace, devotion, inspiration and empathy, enhance or develop psychic abilities, letting life flow.

Watch out for discontent, emotional imbalance, secrets, depression and lack of concentration.

New Moon: Imagination, visualisation, dream work, divination, compassion, peace, seeing the big picture.

Full Moon: Dream work, meditation and helping others.

Element: Water.

Colours: Sea green, sea blue, misty grey, pearly mauves and blues.

Incense: Sage, basil, lemon balm, lemon, orris root, elder, borage.

Pisces Incense Blend: Equal parts lemon balm, dried lemon peel and orris root with a few drops of lemon essential oil.



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Rachel Patterson